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  1. Dorothy

From the recording Concentric

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I'd take my father to the spot where he’d gamble & lose the family farm
He would drink whiskey like it’s the end of the world
I'd lead him back to the truck in my arms
I was a little girl
Was the victim of his bad hand
I was in his shadow then
I met my husband when the leaves started changing in 1933
He would shoot free-throws
I'd twirl in the air
The royals of varsity
He was my only one
We'd talk for hours on end 'til he joined the Air Force
I'd wait for the letters that he would send
I was in love's shadow then
We raised a family near a little red barn where he & I would sell antiques
'til a tornado lifted the roof & left us both covered in leaves
We didn't know it yet
He would never be the same
But he had a lion's heart
We would reminisce 'til his dying day
I was in death's shadow then
In a lonely apartment I'd sit in his chair
Lose control of my wandering mind
All I'd remember is when the leaves started changing & the way his hand felt in mine
I'm patiently waiting for the end of this waiting game
Then I'll be out of the shadows
I am out of the shadows