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  1. Friends
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“friends” (j. jackson)

I got friends
I don't know how they found me
I got friends
To clean & dress my wounds

I got you
To love me something fierce
No matter what I do
Despite the mess I make of things
I got you

I got friends
To keep my whistle blowin'
I got friends
Karaoke in the middle of the night

I got you
To excise all my demons
They're scared of you
& the light that you let shine
I got you

When it gets hard
To get by
I think of you
How in the hell did our worlds collide?

I got friends
You know I might be biased
Because my friends
Get me higher than a Pink Floyd track

When I got you
There is no denyin'
To the shrapnel swirlin' around
When I got you

We're dancing on
A thin red line
But where would I be
Without these friends of mine?