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“growing up so fast” (s. fisher / j. jackson)
written in Ben's Backyard (wheat ridge, co) & the row house (topeka, ks) March 2016

one day you're born, one day you die
eyes shut, open wide
one minute everything is fine
the next day you're caught beneath the landslide

you're growing up so fast
don't blink or you'll miss it
you're growing up so fast

i know days can come & go
& the dog ones seem to get you on your knees
so you harden up your heart
you're convinced this world is only for the crooks & thieves

but you know you've gotta live
life's too short to not forgive
& I know days can come & go
but today is not the one where you should let go
let go

breakin' hearts, broken bones
you threw the sticks, been hit with stones
you'll feel alive, you'll feel alone
with no guarantees what you'll face tomorrow
but you don't have to face it all on your own

you're growing up..