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  1. Lemonade
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“lemonade” (s. fisher/ j. jackson)
written on 09/30/15 in jacksonville beach, fl

this world it wears me out
& hard times get me down
so baby won't you come around
you could take this field of hate
& turn it into lemonade
the sugar it could take away the pain

you could be the candle in the window of my heart
the light when my eyes focus on the dark
the oil when my engine seems to refuse to spark
you could be the missing part

when family turns their backs
& enemies set their traps
you & I will find our own path
'cause you are such a sweet delight
tucked into a western sky
where I don't need a lullaby tonight

you could be my human altar
where i'll lay my body down
won't you take the mess I was & burn it to the ground?