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  1. Scare Yourself
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“scare yourself”
written on 05/10/15, backstage at the ponte vedra concert hall in ponte vedra beach, fl

Drive down Canadian highways in the winter
Fly down mountains when it's 15 below
Tell that boy in English class you think you might need him
He may feel the same, you'll never know

Life can be sugar sweet
Like candy in July
& it could have a darker side
So leave some slack on the safety belt
When you get on the ride
'gotta scare yourself sometimes

Jump out an aeroplane from the big blue ceiling
See how small you are compared to this land
Learn to ask the questions when nobody knows an answer
It's time we try to understand

Stand under the lights playing songs that make you nervous
Pray to God you might open some eyes
Choose the one you love not based on rules or religion
Fall for who you love & don't ask why

Life can be a beauty queen
Long may she reign
Or Halloween every day
She sends those chills with a smile
Straight down your spine
'gotta scare yourself sometimes